Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Soaring Eagle Light Fixture

Rustic Lighting with Eagle
Soaring Eagle Sconce
This past week, we worked on a custom light proposal for a hotel in the forests of Oregon.  They requested an Eagle soaring on one of our light fixtures.  Since we have a talented and artistic staff, we were able to create a drawing and convert it into a Eagle light, base on our popular Cascade Large sconce.  This is just one example of how a Made in USA lighting company can quickly design and make a unique lighting fixture.

We are going to include the Eagle on all of our Cascade series of sconces pendants and rustic bath lights.  If you are interested in one for yourself, just let us know, and we can create an item number for you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bottom View of Ridgemont Oval
I was asked today to photograph an oval chandelier from the bottom.  Here is that picture.  This shows the bulb placment and the almond mica.  The bulbs are set to about 15 watts, so that the picture could be taken.  But you can put it up to 60 watt bulbs (times 8 bulbs, that's 480 Watts).  The two reflector bulbs in the center are R20s.  While I was at it, I measured the Lumens output, by turning on the bulbs full blast and took a measurement at 3 feet.  It was 25 foot candles.  I did not measure the Lumen output from the top, but that would no doubt be higher, due to no obstructions blocking the light output.  25 foot candles is excellent, BTW.

Rustic Oval Chandelier
The Ridgemont Oval Chandelier is one of most popular lights because of its shape.  For long tables, or over large islands, this rustic style oval chandelier works well.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Longhorn Steakhouses and the Smoky Mtn Sconce

With over 350 restaurants, primarily in the eastern half of the US, Longhorn Steakhouse is a given destination(s) for Avalanche Ranch Lighting's tour of rustic lights.  A few years back the architect for new locations in Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, New York, Texas, Tennessee, Maine, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Alabama, Illinois, Virginia and Connecticut--oh, and New Jersey--specified two of Avalanche Ranch Lighting's products for the restaurant.

LongHorn considers itself the flavor of the West and welcomes guests into a warm, relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of a Western rancher’s home where friendly, attentive servers help them unwind and savor a great steakhouse meal.  To achieve this ranch house look, Longhorn deployed all the rustic design elements that work so well with our lights.  We are flattered to be included.

Both the Smoky Mtn and Hudson Sconces are considered rustic simplicity.  Great design, simple lines and warm finishes make them wonderful compliments to this restaurant's appealing interior design. 

Smoky Mtn Sconces greet you at the Longhorn entrance.

Smoky Mtn Sconce
Avalanche Ranch Lighting
The Hudson Sconce works great with the textured rock wall.
Hudson Sconce
Avalanche Ranch Lighting

Monday, August 29, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine TX and rustic lodge light fixtures

Grapevine, TX
Anyone with children will agree that the Great Wolf Lodge is a fabulous place to spend time together.  And with our children, it is also their greatest source of pride when it comes to the tour of rustic lights and Avalanche Ranch Lighting's hospitality customers.  Cat's meow to have our lodge style lights--hundreds of them--light up the guest rooms and spaces of Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX.

For anyone not familiar with this chain of lodges, Great Wolf Lodge offers a huge indoor water park, interactive games and a cabin themed guest suite experience.  These themed hotels are located in 10 US cities along with Niagara Falls, Canada.  The Great Wolf Lodge website offers deals for upcoming months, so check it out for a fun Fall getaway with your family.

As far as lodge style lights are concerned, the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine location features many styles of our rustic sconces, chandeliers, semi-flush and close to ceiling lights.  We did some customization by converting everything to compact florescent and 277 volts.  Here are a couple of the lights you'll see a lot of in your visit.

Ridgewood Ceiling Glass, Mtn/Spruce
made by Avalanche Ranch Lighting

Avalanche Ranch Lighting's Sitka Semi-Flush Bear

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sea Ranch Resort in Cannon Beach, OR and Avalanche Ranch Lighting's Cabin Lights

Sea Ranch Resort is located along the north Oregon coast - a splendid blend of ocean, forest and mountains.  This area Sea Ranch RV in Cannon Beach Oregonhas long been a popular destination point for vacationers. Cannon Beach, just 70 miles from Portland and 30 miles south of Washington State and the mouth of the great Columbia River, is a prized jewel among Oregon's coastal resort communities. It is nestled between the Coast Mountain Range and Pacific Ocean along miles of flat, sandy beaches and forested headlands that jut into the sea.

Offering camping and RV sites, along with cabins, this peaceful wooded setting is one of Oregon Coast's best kept secrets.  In addition to the Stables which offer guided rides for the entire family, Sea Ranch Resort has a wellness center, a store/laundry and an event Lodge.  A few years back they turned to Avalanche Ranch Lighting to light up these spaces.  Here is just a small offering of the cabin lighting that you'll find at Sea Ranch Lodge.

Ridgewood Close to Ceiling, Mountain

Teton Hex Small Chandelier, Mtn Horse

Cascade Lantern Small, Spruce

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Western Elegance with the Ridgecrest Sconce at the Best Western Sheridan Hotel

The BEST WESTERN Sheridan Center Hotel is located at the base of the astonishing Big Horn Mountain Range in historic downtown Sheridan. This hotel offers 139 newly renovated spacious rooms in western elegance.  And to get this feel in the conference center they specified Avalanche Ranch Lighting's Ridgecrest Sconces and Ridgemont Chandeliers.

Best Western Sheridan Center and Ridgemont Sconces and Chandeliers

Ridgemont Chandelier
Western elegance can mean many things.  In this case the simple design of the Ridgemont Series,  the rustic, hand finished metal and the rough cut edge are hallmark features which distinguish these lights as western style.  Elegant comes in the absence of western imagery. These are not the average cowboy lights you might find in this neck of the woods.
Visit here for more information on Sheridan WY and it's famous rodeo.
Avalanche Ranch Lighting's Ridgemont Chandelier

Avalanche Ranch Lighting's Ridgecrest Sconce