Thursday, June 16, 2011

Horse Desk Lamps and Heffley Creek, BC

Tod Mtn Ranch Lodge wth Rocky Mtn Table Lamps

Tod Mtn Ranch Cabin wtih Cascade Table Lamps
Tod Mountain Ranch is a dude ranch located in BC’s Southern Interior.  The ranch can accommodate 16 guests in newly constructed cabins, each with a private bathroom. Guests share a western style living, dining and games area in the guest lodge. An inclusive resort means you are served up three cowboy meals a day and some great BC wines and Canadian beers. They ride in almost 30,000 hectares of mountain trails, forest and alpine that surrounds the ranch and is home to bear, deer, moose and coyote. Look up and you just might see a baldeagle or hawk flying overhead.  Sounds like the perfect place for some of our lamps, eh?

You'll find two styles of table lamps adorning and lighting the lodge and cabins at Tod Mountain Ranch.  In the cabins, the Cascade Horse Table and Desk Lamps and in the Lodge the Rocky Mountain Table Lamps--one with Moose and the other with Deer.  Although we haven't visited Tod Mountain, we have explored this region of BC in both the winter and summer and can attest to the nature's bounty that exists here. 

Cascade Table Lamp

Rocky Mtn Table Lamp